Tuesday, September 9, 2008

California: Tuesday Morning

What do you do when your body is still 2 hours ahead of your local time zone? You wake up at 4:30am. At least that's what I did. That gives me 4 1/2 hours until breakfast time. I tried to busy myself so that I didn't spend the entire time laying in the bed watching tv, even though that bed is extremely comfortable. So I...

Went down to the 3rd floor vending machine (there isn't one on my floor yet due to renovations). Debated over whether to spend my $2.50 on a soda or water. (Note: California tap water is not tasty at all. You all should come to Memphis and drink our tap water, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.) I settled on Mountain Dew.

Came back to the room and did some yoga. (I haven't done yoga in ages, so don't think I'm some disciplined exercise nut that sticks to her routine even out of town. I'm just killing time here.)

Enjoyed my crisp Mountain Dew with a Kashi granola bar I brought along.

Stood out on the balcony - nice view, great weather. The high here today is mid-80s, the low is in the 60s. Note: I didn't even have to use the a/c last night in the hotel room. Can I take this weather home with me?

Watched various crime drama's on television (hey, you knew I'd have to give in at some point).

Plugged all my electronics into their chargers. Searched for my camera battery charger. Sadly, I discovered I left it at home.

Ate another granola bar.

Typed a thrilling blog detailing my morning in the hotel room.

And, I still have 2 hours until breakfast. Guess I could always read that USA Today they left on my doorstep. Nah... back to the crime dramas.


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