Sunday, November 16, 2008

Portraits: Teen

My first shoot with a teen, and sorry to all that follow, but she'll always be my fave. Ok, maybe that's because she's my cousin.

I drove over to Mississippi, and asked where we should go. I drove, she navigated. We started out near some shops, and ended up in Snowden Grove. When we first pulled in, I saw a park area and thought this is completely *not* what I want to shoot today. I've got trees and parks in every shoot so far, and since this was a teen, I wanted to go in a different direction. Then we pulled up to the amphitheater. We jumped out of the car and shot so pics in front of the ticket booth. Then, I made her day ... we walked to the gates and busted in! No, not really, the gates were unlocked. There were no "keep out" signs, so we ran with it. How much fun is it to run around a completely empty amphitheater?

The weather was perfect, though it could've been a little less windy. And Keely was a great sport. I want more fun teens! I want to do more shoots like today's for sure.

View the entire set here. I gave them a funky look to go with her punk personality & look.

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