Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Night Fun

I pulled up some photos of the ones I love most in this world, and played around with contrast, hues/saturation & curves to give my photos a sort of retro look. If I dig out our family photo albums - I mean, the ones where I'm a tween - I'll find that same look in those pictures. Hmmm. Another idea brewing... before I get distracted again, let me share:

My favorite dude in the whole wide world - Mr. Sunshine

These dudes also own a piece of my heart.

It's amazing how just how much love can fit into one heart. My son, my nephews & my niece ... my cup runneth over.

Ok, enough of the love fest. I realize the pics of the 2 boys, and the girl are a little shadow heavy. They were taken in harsh light. But, I do like the retro tones these images have.

Here's another example of abounding love. Just ask Momma Mel, her heart is bound to be overflowing with love right about now, too.


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