Sunday, September 7, 2008

J's Birthday

So after the fun fun times at Mel's baby shower yesterday, I ran home and we had a party for J's birthday. We had fair food (corn dogs & steak fries with cheese dip, corn on a stick, cotton candy, popcorn balls). We had homemade fair games, and the cake and presents. The kids had a lot of fun.

We've had this cotton candy machine for many years. I knew it'd come in handy again someday.

The cake I made was inspired by two places: The recipe I got from Cupcake Project. I used her Soda Fountain Cupcake recipe (though I couldn't find Cream Soda flavoring for the icing, I did find Sassafrass extract for the cake at Mary Carter's). The actual design itself was inspired by a cake a spied on Instructables. J wanted a Star Wars cake, so I borrowed my nephew's figures and put Obi Wan & Anakin back in the lava scene.

The root beer scent filled the house when I was baking this. (I chose root beer because J is crazy for the soda.) The flavor is a bit over-powering (the cream cheese icing helps cut it a little). When I make this again, I'll just use a little less sassafrass.

The kids *loved* this cake. The design & the flavor (though most agreed a little goes a long way since the flavor was strong). The boys are huge Star Wars nuts (they've both beat the Lego Star Wars games several times over), so they went crazy for this cake.

As far as the gifts - J got just what he wanted. Cube Worldsssss. Amazingly, out of everyone buying him Cube Worlds separately, he didn't receive any duplicates.

Today, J said to me: "How far away is Christmas?"



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