Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photo Walk

Saturday I participated in "Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk". The idea was that a group of photographers meet up, walk around one area of the city together, but individually, snapping photos of whatever we want. At the end of the time (2 hours), we were to meet up at a specificied location for lunch to sit and chimp (oh and ah over our photos). J & I participated in the walk, but ended up going elsewhere for lunch. We had a blast. I uploaded a ton of photos to Flickr. I'm going to upload J's photos soon. I need a break from the pc for now though!

Click here to view my pics from the Photo Walk.

PS. Do me a favor: I can't submit all these pictures to the Photo Walk Flickr group, so I need your help picking! Tell me your top 3-5 faves from my set.


Anonymous August 24, 2008 at 9:45 AM  

That's awesome you did end up going! The photos look fantastic, I'm about to go through them now :-)

(I wasn't able to join the Toronto walk as I was at baseball at 7am but I'm going to head there next weekend me thinks!) :-)

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